Collaborative practice between two international artists, Emma Croft and Vanya Balogh is aimed at creating work that is systemic, monotone, political, playfully intelligent, socially engaged and discoursive in its intent. Using installation, sculpture, ready-mades and re-cycled objects, collage, photography and film, their work resonates with humour and irony and directly tackles the issues and consequences of hyper-production, mass consumerism, media spectacle, advertising and commercial and industrial waste. Their primary purpose is to focus on and explore complexities of the contemporary world and serve as conduit to highlight the principles of current socio-economic trends and their impact on society at large.


Is an annual non-profit, non-gallery Art in Recession event, set up in 2008 by artists CROFT & BALOGH. Designed to re-examine the function and role of art, its placement and importance during global economic downturn, BIG DEAL serves as a forum for ideas that highlight fragile balance and disputed relationship between art, commerce and business. It is a support and showcase platform for international artists and associated community during times of economic uncertainty and reflects ideas and thoughts encapsulated in the philosophy of their own practice.

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